Welcome to the path of Yoga

Our Integral Yoga course is based on authentic yogic knowledge adapted to the contemporary context and is not just a method of transmitting information or useful techniques.
This course focuses on the practice and philosophy that complements the realization of the Divine Self in one’s own being. 
Through Yoga we can overcome the limitations of our body, senses and mind to realise the pure, unchanging, still, unborn and ever free being that is beyond conceptualisation.

Purchase the book The Fountain of Redemption, and you will receive written courses 1-4, included with the book for free.

After completing courses 1 – 4 and the online book, there will be a period of purification guided by specific techniques, lasting 4-6 months. Purification is absolutely necessary for a successful approach in Yoga. Following this, Hatha Yoga Asana techniques will be taught, progressively introducing advanced techniques.

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