Welcome to the path of Yoga

Yoga is a practice that has existed for thousands of years, a way of
self-realisation through the systematic purification of the being at all levels.
Our school of yoga is based on authentic yogic knowledge and philosophy,
which complements the search for the Self in one’s own being.

The aim of Yoga practice can be found in the literal meaning of the word ‘union’ – of the individual consciousness or soul with the infinite, eternal bliss or God the Father.

First steps in

Year 1 runs over 48 illustrated courses.

The aspirant goes at his own pace

Our course focuses on the synthesis of different yogic paths and includes theoretical and practical aspects that can be integrated into everyday life.

Our course

Hatha Yoga Asana techniques,
physical relaxation methods
and mental relaxation.

People have always sought 
better ways to live.

Encountering this ancient practice helps us centre ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. The practice of yoga has been shown to improve mood while eliminating negative thoughts and anxiety.

Yoga helps us in discovering our true purpose in life and being able to work towards it. 

Through Yoga we can overcome the limitations of our body, senses and mind to realise the pure, unchanging, still, unborn and ever free being that is beyond conceptualisation.

Adrian Gheorghe, Yogi

I was born in a Romanian family, my mother Maria and my father Ioan, on October 12, 1978, on the Black Sea coast, in Constanta. In 2004 I was introduced to the path of Dasha Maha Vidya, the Ten Great Cosmic Powers, and soon I started painting yantras.

In 2009, I met Ramesh S. Balsekar at his residence in Mumbai, where I received the master’s blessing.

Ramesh S. Balsekar was a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj (17 April 1897 – 8 September 1981), born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli, an Indian guru of non-dualism, belonging to the Inchagiri Sampradaya, a lineage of teachers of Navnath Sampradaya and Lingayat Shaivism.

I currently live in the city of Glasgow, where I continue my spiritual practice.

Even though there are a multitude of pathways, we will not address them separately during this course.

Hatha Yoga

We each carry within us different potential capacities for power and knowledge.
As we evolve, new powers and capacities emerge.

By purifying ourselves, we develop our will, better control our senses and mind. By practising concentration regularly we awaken latent powers to cultivate them through Yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga is not the ultimate goal. It is a step and a means towards Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga – often called Royal Yoga – is the science of conquering the inner nature to realise the Divine.

Hatha Yoga is inseparable from Raja Yoga, they are interdependent and mutually necessary. To attain the state of Yoga we practice both branches.

Kriya Yoga

The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked to purification and mastery of the breath.

Kriya Yoga, or Yoga of purification through action, is a form of Raja Yoga and a tool for accelerating human evolution.

The ultimate goal of the practice of Kriya Yoga is the attainment of oneness between individual consciousness and Universal Consciousness, which is also known as Realization or Enlightenment.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge, wisdom and is one of the spiritual paths known as the ‘Path of Self-realisation’.

Advaita Vedanta philosophy describes Jnana Yoga in both its primary and secondary sense, namely ‘self-awareness’ and in its absolute, secondary sense as ‘intellectual understanding’.

The teachings of the Jnana Yoga path emphasise various methods of de-identification of the body and personality in order to realise the Absolute as pure, unlimited and formless consciousness.

Jnana Yoga is the short, direct, but also the hardest path. In order to succeed we must know and practice the other paths.

Bhakti Yoga

A single moment of total love for God brings us Eternal Freedom. This love cannot be reduced to any earthly benefit.

Bhakti Yoga, the path of love, of devotion to God and surrender to the Divine, is its own fruit, its own means and its own end.
Bhakti Yoga is the easiest and most natural way to reach God.

Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga converge and meet at the same point.
For a bahkti yogi, liberation is equal to joy.

Kundalini Yoga

The existence of Kundalini energy has been known for thousands of years among initiates, but it cannot be proven by scientific tests because it is a subtle reality and therefore cannot be observed with physical eyes.

With patience you can experience this reality for yourself, and in yourself, because otherwise it cannot be known and understood.

By activating Kundalini Shakti energy you will be able to experience blissful states at will.

Yoga Integral online course
Year 1 is spread over
48 courses. One per week.

Yoga Integral courses online

After registration, you will have immediate access your courses,
which consists of 4 courses from 5 to including 8.

At the end of each month, you can purchase 4 more courses, so you will have time to practice.
There are no tests or questions to answer and you can study at your own pace.

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Return to yourself, through yourself, in yourself.

Although as intelligent beings we understand space, not all of us are aware of it because we are fascinated by its objects. The same is true of the Self.

In the yogic view, life has always been seen as a process of progressive transcendence from the realm of matter to the Absolute. Although India has protected this way of life for millennia in its aphorisms, it could not be found that anyone would be a better Hindu by practising yoga, rather the aspirant comes to an awareness of his or her divine origin.

Yoga has nothing to do with a particular social category or nation.
One can be a Jew, a Mohammedan, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a yogi at the same time.

It doesn’t matter how flexible you are,
Hatha Yoga postures adapt to each individual body.

Yoga awakens the body and mind to a new life, increases agility and flexibility, alleviates discomfort and can shape the body into a more welcoming vessel for breathing. 

Hatha Yoga gives us the practical knowledge and means to enjoy fine health, longevity, strength, willpower and vitality.

The postures stretch and tone the muscles and joints, the spine and the entire skeletal system, relax the organs, glands and nerves, keeping all body systems in a state of radiant health.

By toning, relaxing the body and calming the mind, we begin to glimpse an inner quality of peace that gradually leads to the realisation of our true nature.

The Integral Yoga course contains detailed instructions on the technique of the postures, illustrations, benefits and contraindications so that anyone can practice them with ease.

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